Ladies In Beef | Rosey Dunn
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Case study: Rosey Dunn

Persistence pays off as Rosey lands her dream job

Rosey’s love for farming began when she spent time at her uncle’s farm as a young child, she felt happy and content on the farm and knew very clearly that it was what she wanted to do.


After school she couldn’t get on to a farm and so worked at a point to point yard, at this stage Rosey met her husband and they decided they wanted their own farm. Together they hoped they would meet the criteria of experience needed to land their dream job.


However, there were many obstacles still in the way and due to lack of experience Rosey and her husband struggled to get a farm in Yorkshire, repeatedly turned down the couple were beginning to loose heart.


They didn’t give up and were offered a farm in Cambridge, although a long way from home, they were so desperate to get involved that they took the plunge and moved. Rosey said: “We were so determined to make our dream come true and after so many knock backs, we jumped at the chance. We moved in 1985 and although it was a real wrench leaving Yorkshire and all our friends and family, we followed our heart and went with it. We knew it was what we had to do to keep the dream alive.”


The move paid off, and after a couple of years Rosey and her husband got the chance to move back to Yorkshire, she said: “After two years we got the opportunity to take on North Carlton farm in Yorkshire, where we have been ever since. We love our life as farmers here and feel very lucky, to have got there in the end.”


As well as running a busy farm of over 200 beef, sheep and arable, Rosey is also a champion of Ladies in Beef – something she feels strongly about. Ladies in Beef was co­founded by two beef farmers, Minette Batters and Jilly Greed, who hold a passionate belief that the general public has a right to know about the people producing their food, the exacting standards, and the high quality and care that these farmers maintain.


‘I think Ladies in Beef is a great initiative – beef farmers need all the support they can get, and it is important to educate the public on the benefits of beef. I think any focus on the farming industry is a positive thing as we need to raise awareness and encourage others into the industry. I hope lots more women from across the country choose to become involved with Ladies in Beef and their support of Red Tractor beef.”